Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Awkward moment's are fun.

Well today when I was waiting for the bus with my friend Cole,
I asked "what time is it?" Because he always has his phone.
He answered with " I don't know get it out of my pocket,"
I kinda looked at him funny then looked at where is was. In his front pocket pushed towards in grown. I obviously answered. "No, you get it,"
He looked at me funny. "No my hands are cold, you get it,"
I looked at him disappointed. "No, it's in a awkward spot."
"No it's not just get it."
"Yes it is,"
He then kinda gave me a stupid look then managed to clue in. But his face was so funny. "Oh my god I get it know," Then he began to laugh at me. "I'm sorry I forgot about that,"

Yeah obviously that is a good answer. Also most of the time I wouldn't care but he just well had really deep pockets and I didn't want anything bad to happen. But I personally think that is was just a moment I had to share. Plus it was just so random because he is normally I don't know anyone near me and don't sit that close. Kind of person. So it was just weird of him. But anyways I know kinda stupid but whatever get over it.

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