Sunday, 13 November 2011

I am tried of being alone.

Wellvas you may see by the title I am tried of being alone. I have come to hate it. I guess I don't have anyone to blam but myself but it sucks. I don't know the right people to like and the ones I do only want to be friends. I can't stand it. It doesn't help this is around the time last year I broke up with my last boyfriend but it is sad I can't get another. I have no idea even how to get a guy intrested. I am honestly hopeless in that sense. I really envy the people who don't even have to try and they can get a boy friend. I only wish I could do that. It would be amazing if I could but sadly I can't. So unfortunelly I am propobly going to be pittying myself for the next couple months and I will be real pethtic. Also I am typing on my iPod so sorry for the missaks

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