Thursday, 24 November 2011


Well I have been dealing with well I guess "labels" lately. For example today my friend told me he didn't believe me when I said I have never done drugs. (He is also a very judgmental person to begin with). But we were talking and drugs came up and He said something like he never wanted to do them and I said I have never done them. He then look at me and said "Well I kinda don't believe that," I obviously asked why. His answer was, "I don't know you just seem like the type that would," and well I guess I can understand why he says that because I do know a lot about them and I have may friends that do, do them. But I have never and it doesn't help I am kinda a metal face.

Honestly though I didn't like that he labels me that. And I am not to sure if that even is a label but it is for less of a better word.

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